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    The company was established in2011Years6Month,And get special equipment installation maintenanceAClass aptitude。Company is mainly engaged in mechanical and electrical kind of special equipment elevator(Passenger elevator、Sightseeing elevator、Medical elevator、Machineroomless elevator、Escalator、Automatic sidewalks、Hydraulic elevator、Villa elevator、Explosion-proof elevator、Car elevator、Ship elevator、Freight elevator、Sundry(The food)The elevator, etc),Hoisting machinery(Bridge crane、Gantry crane、Parking equipment、Lift platform、Construction elevator)Sales、The installation、Maintenance service project。The company technical force is abundant,A solid engineering,Perfect management system。 The company owns a by has the quality of engineering and technical personnel and management personnel of the technical team,In the elevator,Hoisting machinery、Business has a solid professional foundation for the realization of the elevator,Hoisting machinery、The operation of engineering services,To fully support the elevator,Hoisting machinery、Engineering construction provides a reliable guarantee。 The company take the customer as the focus,To improve service quality,To implement and sustain improvements,To meet the needs of society and the market competition,According to theTSG Zaa0000002007《Special equipment manufacturing、The installation、Transformation、Maintenance the quality assurance system basic requirements》Standards to establish quality assurance system。Under the situation of market and technology development changes,The company strictly implement the relevant laws and regulations、System and standard,Follow the law、The good faith、Justice、The professional standards of science,Adhering to the enthusiasm、Rigorous、Justice、Thoughtful purposes,To develop、Keep pace with The Times,Hold the pulse of The Times,Service excellence,Efforts to play to the company every employee motivation,To do a good job of each item,To the state and the owners deliver satisfactory project。 In order to enhance the competition ability of company,Increasing customer satisfaction,The company in accordance with the requirements of quality assurance system,Establish quality policy and quality objectives。According to the requirement of the quality assurance system to carry out all the activities of the organization,To ensure the quality of installation and maintenance service of engineering products,Ensure that customer is the fundamental interests of the company development policies and objectives。 The registered address :Yangjiang jiangcheng district xiping road and Ruth chao ma border northeast south lined the homestead Contact phone number000000-00-0-0-0-066aa0002669991 Fax000000-00-0-0-0-066aa0002669992 The zip code:529500 In the east...

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